Psycho-educational Programs (II)

Grief (8 sessions)

This program is designed to help individuals (i.e. survivors) who have experienced overwhelming Grief which is in turn affecting their well-being. Clients are encouraged to understand grief and bereavement as well as the various stages of grief. The understanding of grief enables the individual to emotionally experience ways to express their emotions and reactions of grief. The program provides a safe avenue for individuals to acknowledge and accept a significant loss and to assume a new identity after that loss. Various sessions will be tailored to ensure an individual experiences closure to the loss, as well as the opportunity to reconstruct their life. The program can be conducted in either a group or individual (one-on-one) session.

Alcohol Rehab (12 sessions)

This program is a comprehensive and client-centered counseling program that provides assistance to individuals who abuse or have the dependence on alcohol. Through educational and counseling sessions, clients are encouraged to gain insight into their unique issues, and develop a sustainable way in which they can manage their drinking habits. This program addresses personal and interpersonal issues related to drinking. The program further encourages the client to rebuild their life, relationships and the understanding positive effects of staying sober. The program can be conducted in either a group or individual (one-on-one) session.

Gambling Rehab (8 sessions)

This program is specifically designed to help clients manage their addictive gambling behavior. The core focus of this program guides individuals to identifying their irrational thinking as well as certain triggers to their problematic behavior. Many gambling problems are complex and affect the not only the individual’s life but their significant others as well, it is fundamental in this program to understand the role gambling plays in the client's life. Once the individual understands the rationale behind their addiction, this program provides assistance in developing solutions to manage and or resolving their behaviour. It can be conducted in either a group setting or individual (one-on-one) sessions.

Stress Management (8 sessions)

This program is specifically designed for individuals whom experience an overwhelming amount of stress which causes dysfunctions in their lives. The goal of this program is to increase the individual's awareness of how they are affected by their stress allowing them to examine and evaluate their current sources of stress. The program also focuses on empowering the individual to learn of techniques that reduce stress and enhance their health, relationships and well-being. The program can be conducted in either a group or individual (one-on-one) session.