The GTA Reconciliation Professional Services is formed out of the need to help marginalized individuals gain access to methods of alleviating stress in their lives. The symptoms of stress often affect personal functioning in marriage, family relationships, work and or social settings. Through pastoral guidance and support, psycho-education programs, workshops and counselling, we strive to guide individuals on the road to a self-sustainable way of managing one’s life.

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Our Pastoral Ministries provide support for individuals, Not-for-Profit Organizations and Churches through topical workshops that relate to ministry and personal development.   Our mission is to offer pastoral guidance and support, psycho-educational programs and counseling to those who come to seek moral and spiritual regeneration. Our services are offered to anyone regardless of their ethnicity, creed, age, citizenship or gender. At GTA Reconciliation, we believe and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and maintain a Christian world view.
Our Target Clients are:-
  1. Those struggling with life difficulties and stress
  2. Those struggling with relational and abuse Issues
  3. Those convicted of minor criminal offences
Who is Eligible?
Individuals have to be referred to the Centre by: Lawyers, physicians, chaplains, Pastors, Physicians, Bail Supervisors, Probation & Parole Officers, and other agencies.